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Dad In Korean

Here's another video featuring Yerin Park (the South Korean baby girl I'd referred to in another pin). She's so cute here running around and trying to talk to her dad ("appa" is "Dad" in Korean, apparently). The ending is particularly adorable, when the video gets sped up to show just how many times she does this.


The TIME Vault: 1955

“A War Bride Named ‘Blue’ Comes Home,” LIFE captured the scene when a woman LIFE dubbed “the first Korean war bride arrived in America” with her husband, Sgt. Johnie Morgan. The couple landed in Seattle, where Johnie’s mom and dad were anxiously waiting to see their son and meet their new daughter-in-law. Pictured, Johnie's parents wave a sign with Johnie's name misspelled. Father, who works in Navy Yard, took day off to greet Johnie and Blue.


Lol I find it amusing that his name is 'Appa' when Appa means Dad in korean....XD IS AANG TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING


Single Dad in Love (싱글파파는 열애중)

from The Vegan 8 Korean

Vegan Gosari-Namul (Sauteed fern-bracken) Recipe

: ) : ) Gosari-Namul (fern-bracken Korean style) - Easy recipe that comes out great! My Korean mother was impressed and saved it for my Dad who loves gosari. Def buy the pre-boiled gosari in a korean grocery store. It's my favorite veg in bi bim bap!

On November 29, a rep told media outlets, "Shin Sung Rok became a dad today. His wife gave birth to a daughter at a hospital in Seoul. The mother and child are both healthy." The actor and his wife married this past June at a small ceremony in Hawaii.


"Maybe I wanted to become a lawyer because of the social culture I grew up in. My dad is a cardiologist. My mom is a psychologist. Koreans j...


back in 1955 before my parents were married, my mom was in Texas visiting family and my dad was in Nebraska working. They wrote letters to each other and this is the heart signature my dad put on his letters to her. We found these letters 2 years ago when we cleaned out his house and moved him to my brothers. My dad, who was a Korean War veteran, just passed away on Memorial Day so this is a tribute tattoo to him.