Brendan Bannon is a photojournalist on assignment for Polaris Images: "I first went to the Dadaab refugee camp, close to the border between Kenya and Somalia, at the end of 2006. Dadaab has become the largest refugee camp in the world, and Kenya’s fourth largest city: 440,000 people have gathered in makeshift shelters, made of branches and tarps.

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photo by tony karumba of a somali girl taking shelter under her father as they queue for a meal at the dadaab refugee camp in eastern kenya....

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DADAAB: Get There or Die Trying. Dadaab: Get There or Die Trying is a documentary that showcases the harrowing journey that Somali refugees have to take before they can reach Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya. The documentary was made by a group of young filmmakers to fundraise for the Survival Packs campaign.

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Displaced People At Dadaab Refugee Camp As Severe Drought Continues To Ravage East Africa

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Dadaab refugee camp. Lets not forget!!

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Poet Nation- Song titled "Our Somali Flag" by Ahmed Mohamed Hassan from the Dadaab Refugee Camp

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