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Don't know what I would ever do without him. First and foremost he is my spiritual advisor, my teacher in so many things.....drawing, painting, tennis, baseball, fishing, hunting, aiming small and missing small (archery, pistol & rifle). He taught me everything I know about the outdoors. He accompanied me to buy my prom dresses, homecoming court and my wedding dress. I'm so lucky to have my Dad in my life, especially the relationship we have. Others are not as fortunate, so with Father's Day…

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NOT Daddy's princess girl power Organic Toddler T-Shirt

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daddy girls quotes - Awww wish my dad was still alive but he did all this stuff and he was the greatest father on the planet. I miss him more then anyone could ever get! My whole world changed,his death changed how I see everything!! Don't sweat the small stuff and don't be egotistical - have been my words to myself! Not every mean word is about me and the small stuff doesn't matter ..


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A daughters first love is her father, he does the thing her future husband will do. but the thing is a daughter never forgets her first love, so he'll never be forgotten