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So what's your real name?

Daenerys Targaryen Also Known As: Queen Across the Sea; Mother of Dragons Status: Alive Last seen in Qarth, after rescuing her three dragons, at the home of her host, Xaro Xoan Daxos, who betrayed her. She locks him in his own vault (which was empty), and allows her Dothraki followers to steal all the valuables which she and Jorah plan to exchange for a ship. Titles: Khaleesi Spouse: Khal Drogo (deceased) Brother: Viserys III Targaryen Origin: Dragonstone


Khal Drogo Status: Deceased Daenerys smothered her husband after a spell to save his life left him mindless and soulless. Titles: Khal (The Khal is the warlord leader of a band of nomadic Dothraki people.) Spouse: Daenerys Targaryen Origin: Essos Beyond the plains of the Free Cities Only Dothraki Permanent City: Vaes Dothrak A city without walls ruled by the widows of fallen Khals. Portrayed by: Jason Momoa