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WHO survey shows deafening trend -- Daily Nation newspaper Kenya

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Carol Leigh: "Bad news but great reportage about sex worker activism...pictures intro the video. They are ahead of us, saying condoms shouldn't be used against us. This video expresses the sex workers' view extensively."

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Kenya, Tanzania invite bids for construction of a high-voltage power line NAIROBI — Kenya and Tanzania have invited bids for the construction of a high-voltage power line connecting the two, part of efforts to meet growing demand for electricity and deepen integration of their economies. The two countries will build approximately 510km of 400 kilovolt (kV) power lines and several substations to allow them to trade power, they said in a statement published in Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper.

Those who go after gays and sex workers will one day go after teachers and doctors (Feb 16/12)

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Islamist militants ambushed a bus in Kenya on Saturday and sprayed bullets on those who failed to recite Quran verses, killing at least 28 people, authorities said. The bus, which had 60 people aboard, was heading from Mandera, near the Somali border, to the capital of Nairobi. About 20 miles into its dawn journey, militants stopped it at a hilly area and stormed in, local police Cmdr. Noah Mwivanda told the Daily Nation newspaper. Militants demanded those onboard recite Quran verses. As ...

The Daily Nation is Kenya's largest newspaper. Unlike the United States where people use the internet for news, Kenyans are still used to turning the pages of a newspaper. The Daily Nation keeps Kenyans informed and up to date on political, national and international affairs. I would regularly read the newspaper not only to stay knowledgable on affairs in Kenya, but also in America and worldwide. Of course by reading as regularly as I did I was also able to build my vocabulary.

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Edwin from The Harrison & Justice Children's Home has done exceptionally well in the national Kenyan exams with straight A’s in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics! Edwin’s name appeared among the country’s top students on the front page of the Kenya national newspaper “Daily Nation”. Due to Edwin's high scores this has won him a scholarship enabling him to continue his studies at university and one day become a doctor.

The Daily Nation is a Kenyan independent newspaper. It is the most sold daily in Kenya. It also maintains a website, which hosts online editions of the daily and Sunday titles.

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