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Daily Schedule Preschool

Supporting preschoolers with transitions....this daily schedule with labeled pictures and suggestions for using it are on this site.

What a great way to introduce the concept of an analog clock to our littlest learners.

  • Sabrina Canington

    Never thought about making our daily schedule like this! Really neat. going to try it with the new year!

Daily Schedule: The children help with the daily schedule. Via: reggioinspiredtea...

  • Kinderoo Children's Academy ≈≈

    Yes you're right! I never saw the translation. My first language is Spanish and I agree the translation is incorrect.

  • Ele Pat

    The translation to Spanish is a bit faulty, too literal. For example it say Exploration Center= exploración centra, but that doesn't make sense in Spanish. It should be: centro de exploración

Preschool Work Trays...way to organize daily independent work. have a schedule with number trays they need to do. match the number on their to do list then take work to finished work in finshed bin.

Daily Homeschool Schedule: Preschool | Confessions of a Homeschooler

Pre-K homeschool preschool schedule. I really like the way this is not to overwhelming or detailed, yet gives structure that kids can understand. Just add morning program & perhaps a daily service for krsna would be nice. Simple and easy, a great way to start. Also nice for older children during holidays or weekends, especially if you plan to begin homeschooling soon.

I made this Daily schedule for early childhood education 👶👱✏✂⏰📝

sample daycare schedule....I like the idea of using this as a SAHM to have more of a routine.

Great Examples of Preschool daily schedules for homeschooling. My children when I had 7 under 9.: tips and ideas on homes school preschool and unique homeschooling preschool ideas.

The Frugal Family Life: Our Homeschool Pre-K Daily Schedule!

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Organization

Pictures of Preschool Daily Routines | Arts Afterschool | Schedule and Supplies

Preschool Daily Schedule | Home Daily Schedule Tuition Food Menu Photos Credentials Contact me

Our 7 Acres: Creating a toddler/preschooler daily schedule

Schedule board! Everything is on Velcro so that the schedule can be changed daily!

transitional kindergarten daily schedule | ... Preschool,Kindergarten Preparatory and Transitional Kindergarten

Daily Schedule for's hard for me to keep a schedule.

daily schedule cards for-school

$1.50 The schedule card set includes 39 visual schedule cards for Pre-K, Kdg, and 1st grade. It also includes specials - PE, music, computer, art etc. ...

Are you considering homeschooling but don't know where to start? Do you have a preschooler who is eager to learn but you have no idea what to...

Visual Daily Timetable for Early Years Classroom. Help students keep track of the school day with these daily task cards.