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Dairy Cows For Sale

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Milk Cow Moving Legs & Shake Tail Make Sound Big Size 12" Toyby SahiBUY1358% Sales Rank in Toys & Games: 204 (was 2976 yesterday)(47)Buy: Rs. 371.007 used & new from Rs. 270.00 (Visit the Movers & Shakers in Toys & Games list for authoritative information on this product's current rank.)

Dexter Cattle: Naturally miniature cows from Ireland. Dual purpose: milk and meat. Saw them at fair this year (2011) and fell in love!


A mini Jersey cow. Wha? Yes, the Jersey cow has a miniature counterpart known as the mini jersey. So for people who don't have much land but want to produce their own fresh milk this cow might just fit in. In the future I would love to have a few and breed them as a buisnes, they are so darn adorable! <3