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Dalmatian Temperament

7/22 PLEASE SAVE ME! ●●●●●●●●●●♥♡♥♡●●●●●●●●●●MARK - ID#A456074 - Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas - 1 year old neutered Dalmatian mix - at the shelter since Apr 05, 2016 - My name is Mark and I am looking for my forever home. Take a look at my beautiful coat with my spots! I have the world's biggest puppy smile. My foster mom says I am a gentle soul and one of the happiest dogs she's ever seen. I have a sweet temperament, love people, and I get along with other dogs and cats…


The Dalmatian is very popular dog breed, most famous for its white coat spotted with brown or black spots. Through history they were used as carriage dogs. Also because of its active temperament this dog was once even bred to run with horses. So because of that, the Dalmatian is most suitable for dog owners that can give it time for exercise and attention. Many dog lovers have a pet Dalmatian and for those who wish to own one, these are the main reasons why should you get this beautiful dog:


Red Dalmatian Sailfin Molly Temperament: Community Family: Poeciliidae Native To: Mexico: Yucatan Diet: Omnivore Adult Size: Up to 6.5"


PRESUMED DEAD>NAME: Henry ANIMAL ID: 29814011 BREED: Retriever/ Dalmatian mix SEX: male EST. AGE: 3 yr Est Weight: 56 lbs Health: heartworm pos Temperament: dog friendly people friendly ADDITIONAL INFO: RESCUE PULL FEE: $49 Intake date: 10/1 Available: Now

NAME: Abby ANIMAL ID: 29914274 BREED: Dalmatian SEX: female EST. AGE: 6 mos Est Weight: 25 lbs Health: heartworm neg Temperament: dog friendly, people friendly ADDITIONAL INFO: good with children RESCUE PULL FEE: $49 Intake date: 10/13 Available: Now