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Damiana is a small shrub with pale green, serrated, wedge-shaped leaves arranged alternately on a short, slender leafstalk. The small, 5-petaled yellow flowers grow in the leaf axils, and produce a small fruit whose taste is said to be reminiscent of fig. #Damiana leaves and stems are #harvested when the plant is in bloom and used fresh or dried to make #tea, #tincture, #glycerite, #elixir, or smoke. It is also used #homeopathically. Damiana leaves contain volatile oils, flavonoids, a…


Stress Relief with Nervine Herbs--gentle nervines include catnip, chamomile, damiana, lemon balm, linden, skullcap, wild oats, and wood betony. Sedative herbs calm or tranquilize by reducing functional activity; they can be used to reduce nervous tension, pain, neuromuscular spasms, and insomnia.ᅠ Moderate and potent sedative herbs include California poppy, hops, kava kava, passion flower, Jamaican dogwood, and valerian. Gentle Nervine Tea 1 part each of spearmint, chamomile, and linden 1/4

Energise Tea: A blend to boost your energy and vitality with Siberian Ginseng, Damiana, Lemon verbena and cinnamon. Organically Grown. #organic #herbaltea #naturalremedies #herbalremedies

Demeter's Tea recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs: organic Hibiscus, Rose Buds, Myrtle Leaf, Damiana, and more!

ABOUT:A beautiful smoke to share with your lover, this blend is also perfect for elevating the mood among friends. I like to take this pipe tea with me to festivals, parties, camping trips, and spaces where other smoke might not be welcome. The sweet floral notes of rose and lavender combined with spicy damiana and mellow passionflower creates a pleasant aroma anyone can enjoy, while encouraging feelings of affection and closeness.This smoking mixture can be smoked in a pipe, ...

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Health benefits of Damiana

Health benefits of One of the amazing ingredients in LaVie™ wich was born from Mother Nature’s most energizing, healthful and enchanting botanicals. To order go to

6 Learn how to make damiana tea with using damiana leafs. This is quite interesting.

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Difference Between Oolong Tea & White Tea