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Representative Dan Burton’s last antivaccine hurrah is scheduled for November 29 Posted by Orac on November 23, 2012

Merisol Mercury added into the vaccines: Congressman Dan Burton grills FDA rep on vaccines and autism (C-Span, 2002) Congressman Dan Burton grills FDA rep on vaccines and autism (C-Span, 2002) his grandson had 9 shots in 1 day (40 times of the amount for an adult of Merisol and Mercury added into the vaccines) watch what happened... his grandson became Autistic


Anderson Cooper's full interview with former Congressman Dan Burton, who is a longtime skeptic about the safety of certain vaccines and vaccine combinations.

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GOPer Says Party Would Swallow Dem Tax Plan After December: 'Everybody'll Vote For That. Everybody.'

Dan Burton On Tax Cuts: GOP Would Swallow Democratic Tax Plan After December

Last year former Indiana Congressman Dan Burton set out on a nearly $21,000 trip to Bahrain with his wife, a trip that was paid for by the Bahrain American Council, which is a Washington group set up to promote the country's interests in the US. Bahrain has a Sunni monarchy which rules over a restive Shia majority and the situation is still voli...

I was in my car yesterday listening to C-SPAN (yes, I do that sometimes), when to my stunned surprise I heard Congressman Dan Burton launch into a diatribe on how mercury in vaccines causes autism. No, this was not a replay of a recording from a decade ago. The hearing was held just a few days ago by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.