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Vietnam War (PS-1)

Vietnam. (You might remember how they were treated coming back from combat, we treated them terribly. They were just KIDS, and they were so terribly devastated, It was awful)


UH-1 crew chief heading toward his bird to load up the linked 40mm grenades he is carrying. Armed with a .45 holstered with spare ammo carried in the loops on his belt [446 761] 1967 Bien Hoa South Viet Nam


ĐH Kiến trúc từ chối cung cấp thông tin về ông Trịnh Xuân Thanh - Báo Dân Việt

The đàn gáo ("coconut shell lute") is a bowed string instrument, a part of the traditional Vietnamese orchestra. It is similar to the đàn hồ.[1] The instrument originated from South Viet Nam, and is used in entertainment contexts. It can be played alone, as part of an orchestra, or to accompany cải lương (Vietnamese folk opera). Tập tin:Dangao.jpg


Courtesy A soldier calls down a helicopter after a deadly battle with the Viet Cong where 26 American soldiers died and 70 wounded on July 24, 1966.