I finally came up with something to do with my old pointe shoes! Re-purpose them as little wall containers! Here I've used one to hold some combs and a hair brush & one to hold my lip gloss. This would also work really well for pens/pencils/office supplies, hair accessories, etc....If you aren't a dancer but you like this idea, try going to a dance supply store. They often have "bargain boxes" with pairs of pointe shoes for super-cheap (as low as $5 or $10), and the sizes are usually…

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QUESTIONS ABOUT THE TUTU?! (see below) the black tutu came from a dance supply store located specifically in Toronto, Canada. http://store.malabar.net/produc...

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Homemade Mystique Costume: I started off by purchasing a blue unitard from an online discount dance supply store...

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If you want to try some of the styles you see on Pinterest, you'll need a few supplies. Here's how to create your own updo kit. A great last minute holiday gift!

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meSheeky Trixie yoga pants. Long ago, I discovered pants from the dance supply store are the ideal intersection of comfort and style. Keep up, world.

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Chiffon skirts are ideal covers for ballet due to the lightweight, semi-stretch fabric that moves with the body. Derived from the French name for cloth, chiffon wraps are short skirts that are held onto the body with a ribbon tied at the waist. While you can purchase a wrap from a dance supply store, it is more budget-friendly to create your own...

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