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Danganronpa season 2

Attack on Titan: Season 2 Anime Coming 2017 The second season of Attack on Titan has been announced for a spring 2017 release. News of the show's long-awaited return was revealed alongside a promotional image at the Tokyo International Forum during an Attack Festival live-reading event (via Crunchyroll). See the new Season 2 visual below. Attack on Titan: Season 2 visual Continue reading @scottdoggaming

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Hagakure; Hina; Mondo; Byakuya Togami; kyoko kirigiri; Ishimaru; Leon; Makoto Naegi; Sayaka; Chihiro; Celestia Ludenburg; Taka; Hifumi; Sakura; Jonko #DANGANRONPA

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Okay. I'm too hyped for Danganronpa v3, I have heard theories that we may see some returning members in it that haven't participated in a killing game yet. And its been keeping me on the edge of my seat for the longest time, besides episode 6 of Season 3 xD

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