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Daniel Radcliffe House

“We were dancing everywhere. We’d be on breaks between filming, we were doing them. I remember there was a trip out to go see a band and we all went back to Emma’s house in London for a bit and we waltzed in her kitchen, just doing the dancing. Just practicing.” - Matt Lewis


Yay, me and Emma Watson have the same fave HP book! And very clever of JK Rowling to think some of these details out, this is why she's one of my favorite authors. And best of all, she's a fellow Hufflepuff, since I was sorted into Hufflepuff via Pottermore. So, yeah, all this makes me happy.

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Awesome Potter Is Awesome

Loved this episode of Alexa Chung! "Oh I like this one, I can see Hogwarts from my house" I really miss this show.