Baby Girl Name: Annelise. Meaning: Graced With God's Bounty. Origin: Latin; German; Danish; Swedish.

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Once upon a time there were two Danish girls named Nan Na Hvass and Sofie Hannibal who, quite independently of one another, spent their summer weekends visiting a historic amusement park on the edge of Copenhagen called Tivoli Gardens. They wanted their world to look just like the park—filled with b

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Baby Girl Name: Elsie. Meaning: Pledged to God; My God is Bountiful. Origin: Hebrew; English; Scottish; Danish; Dutch; German.

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Baby Girl Name: Ella. Meaning: All; Light. Origin: Hebrew; French; Norwegian; Finnish; Swedish; Danish.

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Eddie Redmayne/I've just adored him for so long. And now he is officially one of my favorite actors ever.

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Baby Girl Name: Inga. Meaning: Beautiful; also meaning "Protected by Ing" who was god of fertility and peace in Norse mythology. Origin: Scandinavian; Danish; Swedish; Polish; Ukrainian.

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Stropløs hellang selskabskjole fra 1950'erne i silketaft med påsyet sjal med indvævede roser. (Nationalmuseet) Made by Danish tailors and once when Christian Dior himself went to Copenhagen he named this dress 'Miss Dior' because it envoked his aesthetics so much

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Leonardo DiCaprio wins Oscar for Best Actor in The Revenant | Daily Mail Online

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