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How To: Learn Danish When You've Got Other Shit To Do

A list of ways to learn the Danish language when you don't have time to attend classes in-person, including technology aids, hacks and hints.


Denmark - a very close DNA population match for my mom was found in Denmark! Reading the early history of England gave us some clues as to why she matched the Danish people so closely!


The terms Danes (Danish: danskere) and Danish people refer to the nation and ethnic group that is native to Denmark, and who speak Danish. The first mention of Danes within the Danish territory is on the Jelling Rune Stone which mentions how Harald Bluetooth converted the Danes to Christianity in the 10th century. Denmark has been continuously inhabited since this period and although much cultural and ethnic influence and immigration from all over the world has entered Denmark since then…


"Denmark, a pioneer in gay rights, saw its parliament vote overwhelmingly in favour of allowing homosexuals to marry in the state Evangelical Lutheran Church." Around 80% of Danish people belong to this church, which makes this a landmark event. Denmark granted gay couples the right to adopt in 2009. #sociology #lgbtiq #lgbt

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Danes have the best work-life balance in the world thanks to these 3 important beliefs.

Danish people take their work-life balance seriously — and you can, too.