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Matthew Axelson. Danny Dietz. Marcus Luttrell. Lt. Micheal Murphy medal of honor recipient. Heroes of Operating Redwing the largest loss of navy SEALs in u.s SEAL history. The Lone Survivor of the 19 men killed that day. Marcus Luttrell


danny dietz, lone survivor, operation red wings, seal team 10, navy seals, afghanistan, BUDS, american hero


Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy (far right) led a team of 3 SEALS, Matt Axelson (far left), Marcus Luttrell (hat) and Danny Dietz (not shown), on a recon mission deep in the mountains of Afghanistan in 2005. A group of goat herders stumbled upon their position. The SEALs decided to let them go. Later in the day a large group of Taliban militants, tipped off by the goat herders, ambushed the team. After a fierce firefight only Luttrell remained alive. Murphy received the Medal of Honor…