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The red roses in her hair were the only colour she wore. Her hair was frost white, her eyes were almost as pale and her skin seemed untouched by the sun. She frowned, aggressively. “What do you want, Gray?” Her husky voice made her seem more dangerous than she actually was. “I need to find someone and I think you know him.” She kept her arms crossed defensively, but looked at the photo when I slid it across the table. She couldn’t hide the recognition. She knew him and I knew she knew…


Published work in Dark Beauty Magazine issue #36. Dark Beauty, Goth, Makeup, Nails. Photographer: SS Photography. Model: Angelica Kotliar. Hair/Makeup Artist:Andy Calero


Published work in Dark Beauty Magazine issue 36. Dark Beauty, Goth Makeup, Nails, Dark Fairy Tail. Photographer: SS Photography Model: Angelica Kotlair Makeup Artist/Nail Tech: Andy Calero #andycalero #boitoi #drammaone