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Dark letters

Word Work Centers: Dinosaurs Before Dark {Magic Tree House}

This unit includes over five center activities to help teach important vocabulary from the Magic Tree House chapter book, Dinosaurs Before Dark. Included are:- Making Words (2-9+ letter words)- Word Search (uses most of the vocabulary words)- Parts of Speech Sort (sorting 36 vocabulary words into nouns, verbs, or adjectives)- ABC Order (organizing 36 vocabulary words into alphabetical order)- Syllable Sort (sorting 36 vocabulary words into 1-3 syllables)- Publishing Paper (for centers who…


Starry Night Sensory Bag

Our Preschool Study of the Stars continues with constellation-inspired sensory play. The Constellation Sensory Bag is a great way to provide hands on learning about the night sky, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. A great fine motor skill challenge, you can also up the skill level by using our glow in the dark constellation cards to make it a puzzle, mapping stars to the constellations. You can make one of your very for less than $5 with all supplies from the Dollar Store. | STEM…


Letters in a different "light" | Activities For Children | Adventures in the Dark, Letters/Numbers, Playing with Light, Rainy Day Play | Play At Home Mom


Jan.1, 2017 - the Hollywood sign was altered by pranksters to read HOLLYWEED as a New Year's stunt. On Jan 1, 1976, a Cal State Northridge art student, Danny Finegood, scaled the mountain in darkness with a friend. Together they hung huge pieces of fabric over the letters to spell out "HOLLYWEED," in celebration of relaxed marijuana laws, for a class project. He got an A grade.


I present you: professor Potter, Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and Head of Gryffindor House. And Teddy Lupin, his godson and the sassiest Hufflepuff


Improve Pencil Control and Handwriting with Crayons

This is a quick and easy way to build the skills needed for improving <em class=short_underline> handwriting </em> through more controlled pencil strokes. Kids can pick up a pencil and write quickly with scratchy letter formation or <em class=short_underline> press too hard </em> to form very dark letters. They can miss lines and form letters in various sizes or write letters on top of one another. There are many (MANY) various reasons for each of these ...