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C1 +6 Exposure -3 Contrast +1 Saturation +1 Tint -2 ····· This filter look best pink,green,white tones or anything.If you want it more pink tones just turn the tint to +2 (tint -2 will gave out the green tones),avoid dark pic and that the colour that didn't match with your pic#vogufilter . ···· Filter requests by @tikkakata

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Banshee, one of the most dreaded and best known of the Irish faeries is the Banshee, properly named the Beansidhe literally, "woman fairy." She visits a household and by wailing she warns them that a member of their family is about to die. When a Banshee is caught, she is obliged to tell the name of the doomed.

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My old theme is somewhat back. A similar filter to one of @/leagoeson's pic. Good for blue and tropical pics. Not good for dark pics.

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VSCOCAM Filter: M6+12| Contrast: +1|Saturation: -1|Temperature: -1 - Good for feed! Works well with everything even with dark pics(but not too dark)! What do you think the Instagram new updated? I love the old icon! #vsco#vscofilter#vscocam

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— VSCOCAM FILTER 04: +10 Saturation: +1 H.lights Save +5 Contrast: -3 Exposure: +1 Tint: +2 Skin Tone: +4 — omg this filter is absolutely amazing idk how to describe it though?? its works best on bright pictures and it could work on dark pics just take out the "h.lights save" ' click the link in my bio to get this filter and others on vscocam for FREE!

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tropical filter! #freefilter Works best with green or dark pics Comment filter requests below!

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☕️this was a request for a free Polaroid type filter, and I tried my best, it looks better on dark picsremember to click the link in bio!! -lucas #cutefilterm3

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