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the sith code - Google Search what I love about both the Jedi and Sith is how the Jedi represent the ultimate loyalty even giving up their families, love, and try to not rely on emotions while the Sith are the ultimate form of freedom

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Dark Lords Of The Sith: A Darth Primer [INFOGRAPHIC] | - #starwars #episode7 #theforceawakens
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Ahem, no. Anakin was on his path to the dark side since before he had become a Jedi. He was constantly in fear and hadn't learned to control his emotions earlier in life like most Jedi do. Further, he became a Sith Lord and in an angry rant, killed off almost all of the Jedi. No one is too emotional to be a Jedi if they are brought up correctly and start at the right age. That's why they kept saying "He's too old." To Anakin and Luke.

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Rey by mindlesslyred - Idk, au where the new kids find a closet with sith fashion and challenge Kylo and co in Galaxy’s Next Top Model?

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Vader's castle.

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dark obi wan he is literally smiling at everything he even smiled when he died ah Obi Kenobi

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"I love jedi more than sith" "I think both Sith and Jedi are too extreme."-Jordynn Fouts... Thank you!

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Best Rpgue One scene, from my point of view. Gosh, Vader's so cool.

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