I dont know why.. Why i close my eyes when I know they wait in the darkness behind my lids too. Closing my lids wld be relieving hell, in detail. No matter where I try to hide, they (demons/bullies) ALWAYS be find me.

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Waiting for the night to fall... I know that it will save us all. More

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Tears slipped down her face as she felt the last drops of humanity draining from her soul. She had brief feelings of this before, a need-no, a thirst for human flesh. The disease had already been rooted inside of her, It had rotted all of her skin and now it seemed to be rotting her mind. She was finally becoming what they had called her... A Zombie

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Lady Wen Kyblai Rouran, mother of Lili Rouran and grandmother of Rosalind Rouran. She arrives @ Queensgrove and Sami mistrusts her immediately. (Chapter Eleven)

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There's a place down at the end of the way. Travel at dark, you won't find it at day. It appears, then leaves like a shadow in the mist. Here now, gone the next, it won't even exist. -Hailie More

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Quote on borderline: She didn't know who would leave or stay, so she pushed them all away. www.HealthyPlace.com

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