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David Attenborough Death

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The Devonian extinction saw the oceans choke to death

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Cecil the lion death sign of 'terrible state of the human psyche', says David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough says Cecil the lion death is sign of 'terrible state of the human psyche' - People - News - The Independent

The Hunt 1h | Documentary | TV Mini-Series (2015– ) 7 episodes This major landmark series looks in detail at the fascinating relationship between predators and their prey. Rather than concentrating on 'the blood and guts' of predation, the series looks... See full summary » Stars: David Attenborough, Damien Boisseau

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David Attenborough on dumbing down, overpopulation and death

Running the BBC. Standing up to dumbing down. Taking on the fundamentalists... and, most recently, a ‘bloody great’ Burmese python. ‘I’ve been damn lucky,’ David Attenborough says.


The Living Planet with David Attenborough - This series of documentaries is gorgeous! I watched them over and over and over as a child. I don't tend to watch documentaries because all they want to show is death and drama, ignoring all of the rest that happens in life. These don't focus so much on the negatives, and there are so many amazing moments captured. They were made with the perspective of 'Look how amazing our world is. Let's not destroy it.'

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Gripping new David Attenborough series captures life-or-death battles

The Hunt, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, avoids focusing on the kill and concentrates instead on the strategies predators use to catch their prey — and the tricks their prey use to escape them.

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Beware of "Sir David Attenborough Dies Age 90" Celebrity Death Hoax

Beware of "Sir David Attenborough Dies Age 90" Celebrity Death Hoax: Sir David Attenborough is NOT DEAD. The hoax below, which claims that English broadcaster and naturalist has died at the age of 90 at Kings Hospital, London, is another reason why you should always use popular and reputable news websites as your source of information. The website: "," and others like it, where the fake story has been published, are fake-news websites. The fake-webs...


David Attenborough Receiving Death Threats After Controversial Joke -