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1909-S VDB - The initials VDB were those of Victor David Brenner, who designed the coin at the request of none other than President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Collectors have consistently paid more for the 1909 S VDB than for any other Lincoln penny, except for the 1943 copper cent, because of the low numbers of them that were made.


David Brenner~ Born: February 4, 1936, Philadelphia, PA ~Died: March 15, 2014, Manhattan, New York City, NY


Comedian David Brenner has passed away...2-4-1936 3-15-2014 from cancer. He was one of Johnny Carson's favorite guests, he appeared on the Tonight Show 158 times as well as hosting the show several times.


March 15, 2014 ~ Hollywood remembers influential comedian David Brenner, who died March 15th of cancer at 78 in his New York City home. Hollywood Reporter article.


David Brenner's Tonight Show debut on January 8, 1971. Mr. Brenner appeared on Johnny Carson's show 178 times. A pioneer in observational comedy, Mr. Brenner died on March 15, 2014 at the age of 78.