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David Cameron Family

President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron chat during one of the NCAA basketball tourney games at UD Arena in Dayton, Ohio 3/13/12. Photo by Ty Greenless/Dayton Daily News.

from the Guardian

David Cameron left daughter behind after pub visit

I feel like this shouldn't be forgotten. David Cameron left daughter behind after pub visit | Politics | The Guardian

from the Guardian

Where does David Cameron’s money come from?

The anti-equality brigade always use the procreation argument, yet never take a stance against infertile or post menopausal couples marrying. Not to mention they say they are anti abortion, yet I don't think many same sex couple who has wanted to start a family has ever had the problem of 'unwanted' pregnancy, a lot have to jump through more hoops than usual to start families. Their arguments get weaker.

from the Guardian

Fund run by David Cameron’s father avoided paying tax in Britain

David Cameron’s father ran an offshore fund that avoided ever having to pay tax in Britain by hiring a small army of Bahamas residents – including a part-time bishop – to sign its paperwork.