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David closes

Requalificação de um espaço em ruínas - David Closes - Arkpad

Crumbling Church's Glassy Addition Displays its 'Wounds' The dilapidated religious complex of Sant Francesc in Santpedor, Spain was in such bad shape that in 2000 the site's convent was demolished by the state, with only a modest church left standing.

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Gallery of Convent de Sant Francesc / David Closes - 6

Convent de Sant Francesc / David Closes "The renovation of the building has been developed with the goal of differentiating the new elements constructed (using contemporary construction systems and languages) from the original elements of this historical church. With the aim of preserving all aspects of the building’s past, the intervention has not hidden traces, wounds or scars. Thus, they have remained visible depressions, holes where the altarpieces once were, traces of missing elements."

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Few sculptures are as famous as Michelangelo's David, and if you've ever seen it you'll understand why. The masterpiece of the Renaissance period was completed in 1504, when Michelangelo was just 29 years old, and today over 8 million people per year visit the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence so they can marvel at the iconic marble statue.

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P L A Ç A D E L C A R M E I P A S S A T G E D E L S A M I C S Arquitecte: David Closes i Núñez

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Architect Lashes A New Building Atop Ancient Church Ruins

4 | Architect Lashes A New Building Atop Ancient Church Ruins | Co.Design: business innovation design

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