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Arsenal and England goalkeeper David Seaman made headlines for his hair. In addition to his mustache, there was also the legendary ponytail over which Ronaldinho's shot floated in World Cup 2002.

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David Seaman: The underrated hero

David Seaman (England)

David Seaman: The underrated hero

David Seaman

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England and Arsenal: David Seaman - okay so he made a few mistakes, what keeper doesn't? He is still one of the best shot stoppers of his generation and kept goal at a time when Arsenal were very successful.

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ALL DAVID SEAMAN VIDEOS (about jOhn Podesta / pizzagate) being censored- cannot be shared to FAcebook. "This is unfckin' real" -nanohorizon

His video- "David Seaman is Being Censored" -@nanohorizon We all know it. Hillary Clinton is, increasingly, a national disgrace. Thank God, Pepe, and the Internet that Donald Trump won - we're in for an exciting four years, not more Obummer doctrine. All in tonight's video!

YouTube SUCKS for Censoring Reality Calls, David Seaman and Others

PAYPAL ACCOUNT LOCKED; OTHER YOUTUBER SUSPENDED - The Silencing Begins #pizzagate David threatened with financial ruin for investigating pizzagate. #satanicritualabuse

2004 Top Trumps Specials Arsenal #NNO5 David Seaman Front

2001 Top Trumps European Football Stars #NNO David Seaman Front