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Do the Math: 13 Reasons Your Business Is Underperforming Moderator Jason Knott of CE Pro, David Stang of Stang Capital Advisory and Paul Starkey of Vital Management discuss the CE business model at the CE Pro Summit.


David Starkey and Lucy Worsley bury the hatchet

"David Starkey and Lucy Worsley bury the hatchet," The Telegraph (8 December 2014). Lucy Worsley and David Starkey to present BBC history programme together after ending five-year feud.


Six Wives :the Queens of Henry VIII: The Queens of Henry VIII by David Starkey,


David Starkey and Bendor Grovesnor have argued the case ( here ) for the night gown sketch being Anne.  If the woman in the nightgown is Anne, then so is the woman in the hood when you compare them…


A rare Tudor portrait of Margaret Beaufort, the formidable grandmother of Henry VIII, has been unveiled by the historian David Starkey at Hever Castle in Kent


Elizabeth: Heart Of A King, BBC History Documentary, presented by historian, David Starkey-Do watch this wonderful documentary! Note: Sir Francis Walsingham, E's Ambassador in Paris, was witness to The Saint Bartholomew Days Massacre August 24, 1574. He barely escaped, and returned to England determined to safeguard Protestantism, and the life of Elizabeth I.


King Henry VIII The Mind of a Tyrant Part 1 - YouTube -- part 1 of 4 -- Presented by David Starkey -- I found and watched all 4. They were really good, explaining the documents and historical evidence for what we know about Henry VIII.