For the non-Whovians, this is Peter Davison/Fifth Doctor’s grandson Tyler, being interviewed by his mom who was playing the daughter of David Tennant/ the Tenth Doctor, to whom she is now married.

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This is awesome. I really like that Tennant actually says he doesn't like the new Tardis as the doctor hehe

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When the 10th Doctor first met River Song on the day she died even though she knew him for quite a long time.

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David Tennant on how He Met his wife on Doctor Who episode "The Daughter of the Doctor"

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[Species5618] David Tennant's wife also went to school with the daughter of Colin Baker, who played the Sixth Doctor.

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David Tennant <3<3 .. He's Like :D .&. All of Us are Like Awwww... CRAP !!! .. I't Not... {{*sniff*}} . [.me.]

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David Tennant & his wife Georgia Moffett. David's biggest acting dream that had been with him ever since he was 3, was to be the Doctor on his favorite show, Doctor Who. Not only was he able to do that, (and become one of the most beloved Doctors of the entire series) but he also got to marry his Idol's daughter. :)

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Such is the power of the Tennant. Description from I searched for this on

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Aww David tennant and his wife.. so cute! Bwahahaha and she played his daughter!!

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