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A day of victory (of Prophet Musa (pbuh)) is remembered on the day of Ashura. Remember that a Productive Muslim never quits and never gives up. He/she doesn't listen to the 1000s of media channels that depress you and tell you how weak the Muslim Ummah is, but he/she looks for signs of hope and inspiration and firmly believes that “verily with me is my Lord. He will guide me.” More in our article, “Ashura: Lessons of Leadership” -

from Ashura

When is Ashura 2015?

day of Ashura in Iran

London marks Arbaeen: Thousands have marched through Central London to commemorate Arbaeen, which marks the fortieth day since the Day of…

from the Guardian

This is England: Don McCullin at the National Museum of Media

Don McCullin: Day of Ashura, Bradford, Don McCullin