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User experience designer and illustrator Jory Dayne had been looking to move for a while, but the high home prices in Salt Lake City, UT had him less than enthused. The houses he was interested in — those that were older and had vintage character — just so happened to be on the more costly end of the already-expensive spectrum. Great. Luckily, a colleague happened to be moving to California, and asked Jory if he would be interested in buying their 1890s-era, eclectic, Victorian cottage…


City must abandon Flint River as drinking water source amid lead crisis

"The water quality speaks for itself," Flint Mayor Dayne Walling said the day of the switch. Today, that quality is still speaking and it's sounding worse by the day.

Fake digital windows - choose your own moving images to fill them! Unbelievable.

Putting up fake this was supposed to be a meme or something funny...but I think this could actually work with the right backlighting and a screen overlay....good for basement apartments...etc....kinda a cool idea.


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