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Days Of Praise

from Baking With Mom

31 Days

This is the landing page for the 31 Day Writing challenge.  I will update this regularly and be sure to check back here if you miss a p


Bible Reading Challenge Day 111 and A Prayer of Praise

A Prayer of Praise for any day … to take my focus away from ME. Thank you Lord for telling me to be still that night so that you could act in my life. Being still at times of stress (provided it is not a time of danger) is the smartest thing sometimes because things look clearer in the light of day. Let's make it through the night together.


America's Marines Singing 'Days of Elijah' This is beautiful and will bring tears to your eyes. Real men love Jesus! May God bless and protect each one of these warriors, and may God bless and revive America! (Published 9.17.14)


You authored life and wrote Yourself in You dwelt in time that You designed Creator lived in His creation Completely man completely God I’m gonna sing until my voice won’t let me As thunders roar I’ll shout Your praise You’re the God of everlasting wonder Your love outlasts the end of days - Hillsong Young and Free (End of Days)