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Stewart Brand: El amanecer de la de-extinción ¿Están listos?


Stewart Brand: The dawn of de-extinction. Are you ready? via TED - re-creating extinct species with genetic material


Transformers: Age of Extinction (Transformers la edad de la extinción) (2014). Simplemente horrible. No me gustó nada de nada.


How to Clone a Mammoth: The Science of De-Extinction by Beth Shapiro #Books #Science #De_Extinction


Throughout humankind's history, we've driven species after species extinct: the passenger pigeon, the Eastern mountain lion, the dodo .... But now, says Stewart Brand, we have the technology (and the biology) to bring back species that humanity wiped out. So -- should we? Which ones? He asks a big question whose answer is closer than you may thi...

from Phenomena

Your De-Extinction Questions Answered

from CBC News

Species de-extinction plagued by 'looming questions,' expert says

De-extinction is one of the most controversial subjects in science today. A debate is raging around the ethics of reviving extinct animals, and whether humans might unleash changes in nature that cannot be undone.

"In this decade some extinct species will begin to come back." Not so much about humans (though I've seen speculation about Neanderthals), but "De-Extinction" in general. Click through for a brief video overview of a conference held on "De-Extinction" and click here ( ) for "National Geographic's" take on it, as that's the cover story for April 2013. Wolly mammoth de-extinction details:


It's Called 'De-Extinction' — It's Like 'Jurassic Park,' Except It's Real

Science writer Carl Zimmer says we're not going to bring back dinosaurs. But we might be able to resurrect other extinct species.