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Some of these are kinda strong, i wouldn't say a person is dead to me, but i am happier when i have nothing to do with them!!!

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I'm real, I'm honest, and my morals are sound and I'd give my heart for people the same. Yet, if you show me otherwise then you are dead to me.

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You're Dead to Me - Cross Stitch Pattern - Instant Download

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"Me: tells people it's okay to let it out Me: bottles up all my emotions and is essentially dead inside"

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I gave to the point of sheer and utter exhaustion. My soul awakening happened and you went into discard, devalue and destroy phase. But I won. Every. Fucking. Thing. And still you make even the simplest of interactions difficult. I feel sorry for you. Because you'll go through life thinking it was me, or the next guy or the guy after that. But it was you. It IS you. Your narcissism. Your emotional abuse. For someone with a masters degree in behavioral analysis, you're fucking stupid.

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