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The Apache were born warriors - the fiercest and most feared of all American Indian tribes. The Apache defied the odds and fought so ferociously that expansion by Mexico and later the United States slowed to a standstill. More than a century later, Apache tactics were adopted as a combat model for special forces. Apaches used speed, stealth, surprise, distraction, deception and even the land itself as weapons.


Zulus-Queen Victoria’s colonial adventurism included expeditions into south central Africa that led to 25 years of war with the native Zulu tribes and Dutch Afrikaners. The Anglo-Zulu War was fought in 1879 between Britain and the Zulus, and signaled the end of the Zulus as an independent nation. It had complex beginnings, some bad decisions and bloody battles that caused the British to engage earlier than they intended, but played out a common story of colonialism


Matt Allmen as Teddy Roosevelt on Deadliest Warrior (Teddy Roosevelt vs. Lawrence of Arabia)