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How deaf children learn : what parents and teachers need to know Summary: In this invaluable guide, renowned authorities Marc Marschark and Peter Hauser highlight important new advances in scientific and educational research that can help parents and teachers of students with significant hearing loss. - repinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our ped therapy, school & special ed pins


15 Principles for Reading to Deaf Children--Shared Reading Project at Gallaudet University

Helpful Website: #Deaf Children; #Hearing Parents: this website offers a helpful page for families to orient themselves among all the various and often conflicting information and advice given to parents of children with hearing loss (which make up nearly 90% of families who have deaf members). A wonderful site for finding a way to #guide your family in the direction appropriate for you.

Hearing parents of deaf children <3 our children change the world with every person they meet (:

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Baby Sign Language

Sign language See our amazing American Sign Language Fonts at


If you have a child who is deaf or has hearing loss, there are some great harness the wonders of ...

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Reading Strategies For Students Who Are Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing (DHH)

Inclusive teaching practice: For students who are deaf and have difficulty reading, using strategies used for students with dyslexia prove helpful.


How deaf children learn: what parents and teachers need to know


This is how deaf children feel before they learn to sign!! So many people think it's a behavior thing but it's not!!! If you could not communicate, you would go crazy too!

Tiredness in deaf children -- Listening effort and fatigue: You might have noticed that your deaf child gets more tired than hearing children. You’re not alone – fatigue is common in deaf children. Here we explain why this is and how you can help your child.