Those who deceive hide their deceit by playing the victim! They do this to make us feel guilty for suspecting their dishonesty! By making us feel guilty they manipulate in order to cover tracks! Don't be deceived !

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Silly me for thinking honesty and friendship were important these days. The new trend is all about being secretive an shady!

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Holy hell, is this true....I am so much better off. The reality is starting to sink more lies, no more deceit...I'm free! He's someone else's problem now! Stress free......

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funny picture quotes about deceitful people | You can get your favourite quotes as a cute picture for your timeline ...

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You are a perfect example of a two-faced, high-handed person in this world. Please vanish!

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Must be, but I wouldn't know. Mine is alive and as dominating of a presence as ever... <3

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Deceit and half truths will come back to haunt ya. Doing people wrong doesn't pay off....for long. Karma

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