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Book of Shadows Moon: "December: Reed/Elder Moon," by Angie Latham. It makes a lovely Moon page for a Book of Shadows.


Earth's seasons, equinoxes & solstices Season to Season: Earth's Equinoxes & Solstices that awesome graphic that was here on March 20th, is now in Astronomy, & Science & Nature > Earth Science and > Weather.

from Old Farmer's Almanac

The Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox September 23 2015 Autumnal Equinox Facts You often hear that days and nights are equal on the equinox. Except they're not: There's more minutes of sunshine than non-sun that day. That's because the thick air near the horizon bends the sun's image upward and gives each of us about six extra minutes of undeserved daily sunlight. But those other equinox rumors are true. The sun really does rise and set precisely due east and due west that day. So it's a good time…

winter solstice. Be sure to look at your noontime shadow. Around the time of the December solstice, it’s your longest noontime shadow of the year.


This curved line is called an analemma. It shows sun's declination - its annular distance from the celestial equator - and difference (in minutes) between time as measured by the clock and time as measured by the sun. Click here to read more about this image.