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31 Remodeling Ideas You Obviously Need In Your Future Home

This look is a must have for the entertainers out there! Let us know if you are interested in a project similar to this & call now for your free estimate: (714) 863-8646


Walter Perkis (deck crew) slid down the falls, about 70 feet, into the boat and took charge. He estimated there were 42 passengers in the lifeboat plus 3 crew members. After the sinking, they picked up 8 swimmers from the water, 2 of which died later. After we had picked up the men I could not hear any more cries anywhere. Everything was over," he would later testify. He remembered that the discipline on board the Titanic was excellent. "Every man knew his station and took it."


Fraction Sorting Game: Comparing and Ordering Mixed Numbers

This Fraction Sort Game will build reasoning and estimation skill for students as they learn to compare and order mixed numbers. Each student is given a different game mat and a deck of 10 fraction cards. Students sort the fractions into one of five buckets based on size.By sorting fractions in this way, students will be able to develop their own strategies for judging the size of a fraction.


No that is not hardwood, it is stamped concrete! found this idea on a local contractor’s website. We contacted him immediately to get an estimate. I have a love for wood that is dark and rustic, so to be able to have the warmth of a deck combined with the ease of concrete? Heavenly! I’ve never seen anything like this before


DIY Dried up Stream Beds 6

This is a great way to create an outdoor kitchen on the cheap. I'd estimate it would cost us about $200 to recreate this for our space (with one extra side visible since we don't have a corner like this) - stone veneer, plywood, and stain and concrete for countertops (which I would prefer over the granite in the photo).