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Decoding strategies chart--this will be printed and referred to during guided reading groups with some of my kiddos...would love to have them keep it in their literacy boxes for their own reference, too.

from Learning at the Primary Pond

How to Teach Decoding Strategies to Struggling Readers

In today's post I'll cover how to teach decoding strategies to struggling readers. I'll share some ideas for teaching decoding strategies, provide free strategy menus and cards, and discuss how we can use text-based teaching conversations to support our students.


Phonemic Awareness is such an integral part to reading and writing. Unfortunately, many teachers skip over teaching this, but the truth is that it's just as important as learning phonics! Check out these 9 hands-on ways to help children learn to segment and blend words, and watch your children become confident readers with strong decoding and spelling skills!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Phonics Passages - Short A Word Family

Phonics Readers for the Short A Word Family are perfect for students who are learning to read with phonics patterns. They are highly controlled passages that only contain words within that word family or within a previously taught word family. Includes 22 short a passages in two formats, a decoding and sight word page, word cards with clipart, and a comprehension page for each story.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Decodable Multisyllabic Word Passages! Growing Resource

I use these passages with my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade struggling readers to specifically focus on the skill of decoding multisyllable words. I found that many resources out there for decoding these words had students reading them in isolation instead of in text.


This is a set of reading decoding strategy posters to help young reader's decode unfamiliar words. They are ink friendly and would make a great display for your classroom or you can print them smaller (4 to a page) and place on a ring to use in your guided reading groups. I've also included a reading strategy book mark to give to your students.