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Dachau Massacre Murder of POWs. As American soldiers approached Dachau concentration camp, they bore witness to thousands of highly decomposed bodies sitting in open top freight carriages. Because of this, it can hardly come as a surprise when American soldiers summarily executed captured – and unarmed – SS guards, purely out of rage. Prisoners, too, were said to have beaten as many as 50 guards to death in retaliation for their treatment.


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The Moy Gown In 1931, the body of a woman was found in a bog at Moy, County Clare, Ireland. Though the body was badly decomposed, the garment she wore remained in remarkable condition and the discoverer wrote immediately to the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin to tell them of his find.


*POMPEII, ITALY: As the body decomposed, it left an empty void in the surrounding material. The archeologists have poured plaster into these voids + the end result is a remarkable representation of the unfortunate citizen.