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Decrease calculator

Calculator to tell you how many stitches to increase over a number of rows, so you don't have to do the mind bending math!

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Percent Increase and Decrease Maze

My 7th Grade Math students loved this Percent Increase & Percent Decrease maze during our percents unit! It was the perfect self-checking worksheet for them to practice calculating percent increase and percent decrease!

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Good math theory here. Working out how to decrease stitches to shape the crown of a hat - very useful formula - thanks so much!! brangelinaprototype2.jpg

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The Triangle Calculator. Decreasing for armhole and shoulder shaping. Why triangles are important to your knitting.

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This is a fun game of "Now and Then" where students practice their percent skills and calculate percent increase and decrease. This game could be used in Module 4 as additional practice or as review later in the year.

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Percent Increase and Decrease Maze

This Percent Increase & Percent Decrease maze was the perfect worksheet activity for my 7th grade math students!

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