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What is a Deed Poll - The Guide Deed Polls

A deed Polls main purpose is to prove that you have had a name change. It is used to make this name change a declared event in your life. Although you don’t need to apply for a deed poll.

A guy in the UK legally changed his name to Bacon Double Cheeseburger LONDON A record 85000 people changed their names by deed poll in the UK last year and they chose some spectacular new titles in many cases. Bacon Double Cheeseburger and Bruce Wayne were among the more ridiculous names adopted according to name-changing firms quoted in The Times. See also: David Hasselhoff releases strange video claiming his legal name is now David Hoff Many people change their…

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How to change a child's name by deed poll

How to change a child’s name by deed poll. If you need to change a childs surname after divorce or for any other reason this name changing guide will take you through the process. it is much simpler and cheaper than you think to make a name change Deed Poll Legal Procedures For England And Wales for changing your name and your child's name. Northan Ireland Laws and English Laws regarding name changing by deedpoll

Want to transform from Crumplebottom to Jones? Fancy ditching David for Dorothy? Whatever your situation, change your name quickly and easily using the government-recognised Deed Poll legal name changing system

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Student changes name by deed poll to avoid £220 Ryanair admin fee

Student changes name by deed poll to avoid £220 Ryanair admin fee. Adam Armstrong says changing his name and getting a new passport for £103 was cheaper than changing his ticket