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Best Make-up Colours for Dark Autumn | 12 Blueprints: "Every Season has light colours, here as parsnip, lemongrass, asphalt, greige, goldenrod, barley gold, and many others. ... The Dark Autumn woman contains much glamour. She is mostly OK with being noticed, unlike her True Autumn sister who can only take so much being fussed over. ..."


Autumn Makeup Comparisons. SOFT AUTUMN contains a slight bit of Summer's Gray, which makes its colors soft and muted. It is the lightest Autumn. Makeup colors are soft, warm, and muted. Tawny. Pottery colors. Indian jewelry. Aztec, Southwest US colors. Makeup is warm but unlike Springs yellow sunny warmth, SA is more orange-gold. It contains more orange than just yellow. SA is more Tawny Barbie, rather than Golden Barbie. It's thicker, heavier, muted than Spring, and most importantly Soft…