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Easiest Way to Tan a Deer Hide for Beginners

Take your hunting to the next level and tan the deer hides after cutting up the meat. Deer hides are used to make leather jackets or boots or as wall decor. If you are just learning tanning and taxidermy, use this easy method of tanning the hide, which combines salts and alum to bring the hide to a tanned and preserved state.


Here's How You Can Skin a Deer with an Air Compressor

Skinning a deer this hunting season doesnt have to be difficult. Check out Quincy Compressors infographic on how to properly your next doe/buck this hunting season with an air compressor.


133 Homesteading Skills for the Modern Day Homesteader

Hunting whitetail deer has become more and more popular throughout the years. | Reel Lamps | 618-521-5302 |