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How to Remove a Tick - tweezers as close to the skin's surface as possible pulling the tick away from the skin in an upward motion.


Tick burrowing into human skin,must be removed properly .To prevent ticks attaching to you,wear long sleeves,pants and a spray with Deet,check for ticks after spending time in grassy or wooded areas.** There are several ways to remove ticks, one I learned about was to cover it with vaseline and it will slowly back out as it cannot breathe and that is when you get it and burn it.**


How climate change is speeding up the spread of Lyme disease

Climate change is helping the deer tick, which causes Lyme disease, expand its range throughout a wide swath of the United States.


Greenwich billionaires funnel $50m to Lyme disease efforts


A female deer tick. The ticks transmit Lyme disease, which is suspected in the sudden deaths of three people over the past year.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by the bite of an infected blacklegged tick, also known as a deer tick. Lyme and its numerous co-infections can mimic or cause virtually any medical, neurological, or psychiatric condition. Known as the “great imitator,” Lyme has been vastly under-diagnosed in the United States due to inadequate testing …