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Def Lepard: Hysteria Hysteria's highlight, still: the title track, six gorgeous minutes of thwarted desire and honeyed anticipation. With guitars skittering lightly over throbbing synths and Joe Elliott trying to persuade a girl who's just out of reach, it's as close as Def Leppard ever came to restraint. Brilliant and simple, perfect summer anthems for headbangers looking to fit back into their high school jeans. This album is fun for fun sake and surprisingly musically sound.

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Def Leppard. My 2nd favorite band of all time. Went to see them in concert with KISS. Def was definitely the highlight of the show! (Kiss...well...was not...) Would love to see them again! They might be getting old but they sure as heck don't sound like it!!!

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100 Best Albums of the Eighties

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How To Piss Off Every Settler Of Catan In Just 14 Moves

The Most Interesting Man In The World Meme | I DON'T ALWAYS DO CRAFTS BUT WHEN I DO THEY INVOLVE COMPUTER SCIENCE. STAY GEEKY, MY FRIENDS | image tagged in memes,the most interesting man in the world | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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