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Untrue accusations about someone is wrong. Most victims are not aware that they even have a basis for a lawsuit. You have a case if you have endured defamation through slander/shaming/libel/bashing or baiting which include publications about you through social media. You are not in a powerless position. Save all social posts/comments that the provoker has directed at you. A lawyer can defend you.


1-18 in 1969: Former Beatle Pete Best wins his eight-million-dollar defamation suit against his former group (but settles for considerably less money in the judgment).


The defamation laws aim to create harmony in the society. People should not ruin the reputation of others by making false statements and if they do, then they must be ready for the legal consequences. If anyone harms your reputation through slander or libel, then you can file a lawsuit against him/her for defamation. Read along to know when and how you can teach a lesson to the person trying to harm your reputation through slander or libel.


Katie Couric files for dismissal of gun group's defamation lawsuit

Virginia Roberts says a ruling in the defamation lawsuit filed against Bill Cosby is “relevant” to her own case against Ghislaine Maxwell.