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How to Curb Your Food Cravings

We all have those little cravings that creep up during the worst times. Whether it’s cheese, chocolate or a glass of wine (for those of age), there is a way to combat those annoying cravings. According to, cravings are sometimes caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency. This means you can put a stop to that craving by eating a healthier alternative that won’t break your diet. Sounds like a win-win to me! So, next time you’re craving that donut or big bowl of spaghetti…

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Dietary Remedies for Spleen Qi Deficiency

Spleen Qi Deficiency Diet A few examples are basil, cloves, dill and fennel seeds, garlic, dried ginger, nutmeg, pistachios, raspberries, and shrimp. Also, foods that taste pungent and sweet are favored by the spleen and help qi to circulate. These include carrots, cayenne, jasmine tea, orange peels, peppermint tea, and radishes.

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Dietary Remedies for Spleen Qi Deficiency

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Top 10 Signs of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is an essential mineral that is involved in numerous aspects of cellular metabolism, but is not stored by the body. Vegans, vegetarians, pregnant and lactating women, alcoholics and certain other groups may be at risk for a Zinc Deficiency.

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What Vitamins Are Good For Hair Growth?

Extreme deficiencies of minerals and vitamins are uncommon in the developed world. On the other hand, research shows that slight deficiencies in some nutrients could be fairly common. Some examples ar

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Tremors & Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

Vitamin is essential for keeping your nervous system and nerve cells healthy. If you become deficient in this vitamin, you can experience many adverse...

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Do Certain Foods Raise Hemoglobin Blood Levels?

Foods That Raise Hemoglobin Blood Levels (low hemoglobin leads to iron deficiency anemia, which causes fatigue and weakened immune system).

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Exercises for Neuropathy of the Feet

Exercises for Neuropathy of the Feet | LIVESTRONG.COM

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