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3D Shape Games (Solid Shape Games)

3D Shape Bump Games- includes two unique and differentiated bump games designed to help your students practice recognizing three-dimensional shapes and their defining attributes with specific vocabulary. #shapes #3-D $

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Root Words Activities: 10 Root Words Games

Root Words Bump Games contains 10 different games to help students practice defining 55 common Greek and Latin roots. These Root Words Bump Games are divided into 5 sets (with 2 different bump games per set) so that students can practice with just a chunk of roots at a time!


When you come to a sudden bump in the road, never allow your life circumstances to define you. Instead, let them refine you. Hard things are like heavenly sandpaper on your life. God uses them to shape and mold you into a work of art. When you feel the pressure of trials, remember that God won't allow them to crush you. He intends for them to make you beautiful. 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 (NASB)


Imagine the two of you talking after bumping into each other or something and then j hope or another member is like taehyung let's go. And this gif is him walking away reluctantly.